Demolition: Dispatched to Deliver on Demand

At Southwest Demolition Services it's our goal to be the absolute best at what we do. A division of Southwest Construction Services, we wear the SDS name with honor and pride.

SDS utilizes our Dallas-based multiple dispatchers, field superintendents and skilled work force to respond to your urgent and planned needs. We have extensive experience in fast response, fast delivery, and excellent workmanship. Our full fleet of trucks and experienced employees make us the right choice for both quick turn and major project schedules.

Maintaining the safest jobsite, work plan, and execution possible gives us a reputation that proceeds us when it comes to being a leader in construction and demolition services. Safety, Safety, Safety!!!!! Our men trust us with their lives and our track record will show for it. Working smarter while maintaining a timely production process makes us a leader in the industry. If the task is a structural separation of a building three stories in the air or simply organizing our toolboxes; we take the same amount of pride in both. When the team succeeds, success is certain!

Our services include: Demolition, Removal & Haul Off

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Wrecking
  • Selective
  • Residential

We operate a fully self-contained fleet of trucks with on-board GPS tracking to ensure efficient dispatching to jobsites. Our Demolition division has developed a reputation of meeting customer schedules and deadlines and providing superior service and quality on each project.

Running these machines requires proper training. Here at Southwest Construction Services we're making sure our employees have the knowledge and training to operate our machinery safely. We take pride in having the Charlie A. Stewart Jr. Memorial Training Center. to help train all of our employees.