Benefits of Waterproofing in the Construction Landscape

Waterproofing is a construction process that is vital to maintaining and protecting the integrity of a building from the harsh environmental elements which it will have to endure for years. The waterproofing creates an effective envelope at the exterior of your building that maintains and protects for many years. This waterproofing envelope can be accomplished with proper design and waterproofing installation servicesfrom a trusted/certified waterproofing contractor.

Here are four reasons why it is important to have waterproofing systems included in the design and budget for your building project.


1. Prevents Moisture from Damaging Critical Building Components

Moisture that is allowed to contact unprotected and concealed building components will cause a physical breakdown to these components. The ongoing breakdown of the hidden building components will cause ongoing moisture migration into the building along with damaging affects to the integrity of the building.

2. Prevents Serious Health Risks

Moisture that is allowed to migrate into your building, due to a lack of properly designed and installed waterproofing systems, can cause mold, mildew and bacteria to grow within the concealed spaces, interior walls, ceilings and flooring. This can cause serious health risks to the occupants of the building along with extensive liability to the building Owner.

3. Protects Building Components from Chemicals

Most building components are sturdy and somewhat invulnerable. However, all building components arevulnerable to chemicals located in the soil and air that surrounds them.

Chemicals that canpose a threat to common building components include:

  • Acid Water
  • Aluminum Chloride
  • Aluminum Sulfate
  • Ammonia Vapors
  • Ferric Sulfide

In order to protect your building’s components, have a chemical analysis conducted before your waterproofing systemis designed to ensure that the proper waterproofing is selected based upon actual chemical conditions that exist on your project. Should it be found later that the originally specified waterproofing will have to be changed to resist chemical conditions, this preplanningwill help yousave time and money on your project during this crucial construction process.

4. Helps You Stay Within Local Construction Codes

Depending on the City where your project is located, your local building codes may require your building to be waterproofed. Failure to do so could cause local inspection agents to halt construction of the element being built until any code required waterproofing is installed. This could drastically impact the schedule for any project.

Waterproofing from Southwest Construction Services Maintains the Integrity of Your Building The construction of a building is an expensive process. Don’t put your budget at risk by failing to design and purchasewaterproofing for your project. At Southwest Construction Services, waterproofing is one of our key construction standards. We have a team that is trained,experienced and knowledgeable on many waterproofing system installations and has the training to complete the job safely. Contact usfor more information on our waterproofing and other concrete services we offer for projects like yours.